Anchoring with a Stern Anchor

Last Updated: September 2, 2006

The following shows a possible solution for anchoring from the cockpit of the Sanibel.The premise of this implementation is that the storage crate for the anchor and anchor rode is under the port storage area in the cockpit. This can be reversed to the starboard storage area if you are using the port side.

If you move your cursor over the picture, you will see the Anchor Retrieval System added to the picture.

Stern Anchor

Here are the steps:

When anchoring, all you have to do is to slow the boat and throw the anchor out on the port side. Once the anchor is set, you can adjust the rode for the proper scope at the starboard cleat.

When you are ready to leave the anchorage, simply pull in on the retrieval line on the port side until you can grab the anchor rode. Then pull in the anchor, putting the anchor rode into the storage box on the port side. Once the anchor is free, put it in the cockpit and either motor or sail away. Once you are on your way, you can then put the remaining anchor rode and the anchor into the storage box and slide it under the port seat.

Note that if there is a strong current or wind, you may not be able to retrieve the anchor from the stern. You can still use the Anchor Retrieval Line when you go to the bow, to bring the anchor rode up to the bow pulpit where you can then bring up the anchor.

Note: This is a picture (left) of a Carabiner. The advantage of using a carabiner is that you can easily clip it to the bow eye and anchor rode and then secure it using the threaded sleeve.

Note: This is an example of a Harken block (right) that can be used for the retrieval line. As you can see, there is a smooth area to attach the retrieval line which will prevent chaffing. Other type of blocks could be used.